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Our intercom is not working...

The door will be open for 5 minutes after the start time of each class. We kindly ask you to be there within that time frame while we fix it.

If you are downstairs and no one is there to open, please call +31628485233 via Whatsapp (this number doesn't work as regular phone)

The New Shala is now located at Markt 28, on the 2nd floor.

For more information and parking information click here 

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Ashtanga yoga Mysore style 

"Small steps are the key to big changes"

Build your own yoga practice progressively, sustainably and individually.

We are the only yoga shala in Maastricht with a Mysore program directed by an authorized level II teacher from SYC in India @eloisayoga

We specialize in teaching yoga by adapting the protocols of the ashtanga yoga system to the particular needs of each person.

We have the necessary experience to tailor the yoga practice around your potentials and limitations.

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