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Leave your shoes and Jackets outside the shala.

Keep your belongings inside the changing room and the space around your mat clear of objects. Only keep what you need for practicing like hand towel.

There are 3 rows inside the Shala. Please start the practice in the first or second row, and use the third row for finishing sequence.

Bring a small hand towel.

Clean any sweat on the floor after practicing.

Make sure your yoga mat is in good condition.

Respecting the time of others is important, 20 minutes before the ending time of the class the gong will sound so you can start the finishing sequence.

Feel free to use props and modify postures according to your body’s necessities.

Communicate to the teacher about injuries, pain or any condition that may have an impact when practicing.

We respect your opinion and your sense of self. Saying no to hands on adjustments is ok. Making your own decisions about your body, time and energy is important.

Respect the other practitioners and the work of the teacher. Do not start a conversation while there is a class in course. If you want to talk to a friend do so outside the Mysore room.

Don’t do hands on adjustments on other practitioners unless explicitly asked by the teacher and there is consent by the other practitioner.

We teach adapting the ashtanga yoga protocols to the essence of each practitioner. Communicate  to the teacher about your needs, potentials and limitations.

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