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Eloisa Fernández Iskandar

Founder - Teacher

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Eloisa currently resides in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

In Caracas, Eloisa was a teacher in a constructivist pre-school. In constructivist pre-schooling, children's individual needs and talents are taken as the starting point for their education. Her insights as an educator influence her teaching of the practice and philosophy of Yoga.

Eloisa started practicing Yoga in 2011 with Liz Carrasquel in Caracas. Inspired by the dedication and love of her teacher, and tired of the rhythm of a big city, she decided to undertake her first adventure to India.

Since 2014, Eloisa has been studying Yoga with Sharat Jois at KPJAYI (now Sharath Yoga Center). In 2016 Eloisa received the authorization level II to teach Ashtanga Yoga.

She has travel the world to practice and study with recognized ashtanga teachers like Laruga Glasser, Greg Nardi, Lino Miele, Ty Landrum, Eddie Stern and Petri Raisen.

Eloisa has studied Yoga Philosophy and devotional chanting with Dr. M. Jayashree and Prof. M. Narasimha at the Anatha Research Foundation since 2014.

Currently she is exploring the Kashmir Shaivism philosophy.

Eloisa strives to help people finding comfort in their own skin. She provides the environment for practitioners to be able to grow at their own rhythm yet challenging themselves and to re-connect to their bodies through awareness.

She vigorously seeks to support others in creating healthier relationships to themselves and the world around them.

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Yukting Lo

Assistant teacher - Sub teacher


"I'm a mom of 2 boys and in daily life I am running a business in Hospitality with my husband.

Being a momma entrepreneur means no day is the same. Constant juggling of priorities, multitasking, and forgiving yourself when you can't get it all done!

Yoga crossed my path in 2010. For years I was happily joined the weekly led class. 

Then in 2018 I discovered the ashtanga Mysore. It was like an inner light was switched on as my heart grew alongside with the practice. The practice guided me deeper into myself and the world. These two practices - yoga and meditation - would deepen my understanding and experience of life balance as I grew with each breath and each pose. 

Yoga gives me clarity. It allows me to stop and live, breath by breath. It gives me control when I feel I have none. It gives me love from the most important person: myself. 

I have learned how to occupy my body with greater presence and alignment. It is both a physical and spiritual practice, one that brings peace to the restless mind. 

For me yoga is way of life. It is the thing I want to share with friends, families and strangers. I want to share the therapeutic benefits.

Currently I am assisting Eloisa during the Mysore classes on Sundays at The New Shala. I Have also completed her training for teachers, which has given me more experience to work in the Mysore room.

All parts of my life, my life at home, the business and the yoga are simultaneously deeply rewarding and challenging, and I love it that way."

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Camila Chovet

Assistant teacher - Sub teacher


Camila was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela and she came into contact with yoga at a young age.

Inspired by her mother, she started following yoga classes seeking to manage stressful situations in a better way.

Over time, Camila felt compelled to expand her knowledge and she embraced Ashtanga as part of her practice.

In 2018, she became a yoga teacher, after completing a comprehensive 200-hour Vinyasa certification. Building on her commitment, she pursued an Ashtanga International YACEP certification in 2020, solidifying her expertise in this dynamic yoga style.

Continuously dedicated to growth, she actively engaged in workshops facilitated by esteemed international teachers and received invaluable guidance from Eloisa Iskandar through a rigorous 14-hour intensive training.

In her classes, Camila's intention is to emanate the positive and energetic vibes that she herself experiences as a devoted yogi. She creates a welcoming atmosphere, where students can find inspiration and discover their own potential.

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Juli Coumans

Assistant teacher - Sub teacher


"I was born in Limburg and currently live in Maastricht with the sweetest and coolest rescued street dog, Nouk.

I come from an active family background, my childhood was often spent in the Slovak mountains skiing, hiking or mountain biking. 

Most of my adolescent years I lived in Slovakia, where my mother had a skiing club. 

As an adolescent, I used to assist my mother while she was teaching skiing lessons. Already then, I felt that helping others during learning processes was an enriching and valuable experience. 

Coupled with my curiosity for spiritual practices, my eagerness to learn and a fellow yogini for a mother, I came in contact with yoga at an early age.

In 2018, I started practicing and volunteering at a yoga studio in Maastricht. I met many inspirational yoga teachers, Eloisa was one of them. My love for ashtanga yoga grew quickly. I also found my love and solace in yin yoga, yoga nidra and alignment yoga classes. 

Once I tried Mysore style ashtanga yoga, it all changed. Guided classes never felt the same and my own meditative practice grew in depth, breath and richness.

Practicing yoga helps me grow, it reconnects me with myself through the structure of routine. It also stills my mind, allowing me to recognize what is relevant in the moment, what needs my attention and what no longer does.

I have had the great opportunity to learn and contribute to the ashtanga yoga community at The New Shala practicing ashtanga with Eloisa in Maastricht for more than 4 years and assisting her during the Mysore style lessons for the past 4 months.

I have completed an online 200hr teacher training from ULU yoga, mainly focused on ashtanga yoga principles, elements of vinyasa and yin yoga. 

I have also completed a 14 hours intensive Mysore teacher training under Eloisa's supervision.

I am grateful for being part of this community and I am looking forward to be holding the space for you to join and practice."

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Michelle Smits Solis

Assistant teacher - Sub teacher


Michelle was born in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, and now lives in Maastricht with her dog Ragnar.

Michelle came into contact with yoga at a very early age thanks to her mom. It started with chanting at home and soon she was joining her mom in some Kundalini Yoga classes and Sadhana practice.  Ever since then Michelle has been incorporating several yoga practices in her life; pranayama (breathwork), meditation, mantra (chanting) and asana (yoga postures).

In 2019 Michelle started practicing Ashtanga Yoga Mysore style consistently with Eloisa. Coming from a background in classical ballet, Michelle was drawn to the structure and discipline of the practice. Because the sequence is learned by heart like a choreography you can truly be in the moment and one with your breath, which to Michelle is one of the most important aspects of the yoga practice.

Michelle has completed the 200h Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training and also has a bachelor's degree in Sports & Movement. One of the most important things she learned during her studies is how to push the body without injuring it. Practice/training is about getting to know yourself and respecting your boundaries. Safe practice is Michelle's top priority. 

To prepare herself to teach Mysore style and the New Shala, she also completed the Yoga Teacher Training under Eloisa.

Michelle's favourite ways of being in the moment include running, dancing, swimming, climbing and almost anything that involves movement and being in nature. She also likes to read, watch and listen to stories.

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