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Eloisa Fernández Iskandar

Founder - Teacher

Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Eloisa Iskandar currently lives and teaches in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

In Caracas, Eloisa was a teacher in a constructivist pre-school. In constructivist pre-schooling, children's individual needs and talents are taken as the starting point for their education. Her insights as an educator influence her teaching of the practice and philosophy of Yoga that focuses on each individual student's needs and abilities.

Eloisa started practicing Yoga in 2011 with Liz Carrasquel in Caracas. Inspired by the dedication and love of her teacher, and tired of the rhythm of a big city, she decided to undertake her first adventure to India.

So, since 2014, Eloisa has been studying Yoga with Sharat Jois at KPJAYI (now Sharath Yoga Center). Her teacher's discipline and devotion to the practice continue to be a great source of inspiration to her. In 2016 Eloisa received the authorization to teach Ashtanga Yoga.

Since her first visit to India, Eloisa has been studying Yoga Philosophy and devotional chanting with Dr. M. Jayashree and Prof. M. Narasimha at the Anatha Research Foundation. This has helped her to better explain to others the transformational power of Yoga. Eloisa also enjoys chanting as a devotional practice.

Eloisa strives to help her students to balance discipline and joy, work and relaxation, activity and rest in their Yoga practice and beyond.

Eloisa enjoys cooking delicious food, being in nature, and laughing with friends.

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Yukting Lo

Assistant teacher - Sub teacher

"I'm a mom of 2 boys and in daily life I am running a business in Hospitality with my husband.

Being a momma entrepreneur means no day is the same. Constant juggling of priorities, multitasking, and forgiving yourself when you can't get it all done!

Yoga crossed my path in 2010. For years I was happily joined the weekly led class. 

Then in 2018 I discovered the ashtanga Mysore. It was like an inner light was switched on as my heart grew alongside with the practice. The practice guided me deeper into myself and the world. These two practices - yoga and meditation - would deepen my understanding and experience of life balance as I grew with each breath and each pose. 

Yoga gives me clarity. It allows me to stop and live, breath by breath. It gives me control when I feel I have none. It gives me love from the most important person: myself. 

I have learned how to occupy my body with greater presence and alignment. It is both a physical and spiritual practice, one that brings peace to the restless mind. 

For me yoga is way of life. It is the thing I want to share with friends, families and strangers. I want to share the therapeutic benefits.

Currently I am assisting Eloisa during the Mysore classes on Sundays at The New Shala. I Have also completed her training for teachers, which has given me more experience to work in the Mysore room.

All parts of my life, my life at home, the business and the yoga are simultaneously deeply rewarding and challenging, and I love it that way."

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Nancé Camps

Assistant - Sub teacher

"My name is Nancé and I live in Maastricht with my lovely dog, Fernando. 

Yoga first came into my life as a child because my mama practiced Hatha, and I yoga’d a bit as a young adult. 

Four years ago, after a personal trauma, I started practicing yoga again, it was the answer to my physical and mental pain.

It helped me to heal and become stronger in every aspect. 

At first I started with Vinyasa classes via YouTube but soon realized I needed to learn and practice in a shala with a teacher. That was when I found my teacher and inspiration Eloisa Fernández Iskandar and was introduced to Ashtanga Mysore Yoga. 

Through YogaPlace Maastricht I finished 

YTT 200 in september 2020. 

I started teaching classes there until Corona put a stop to things.

Currently I teach children’s yoga classes and Ashtanga for beginners in my neighborhood under the name Kurava Yoga by Nancé. 

I completed a training for teachers with Eloisa that included subjects like teaching beginners, hands on adjustments and managing a Mysore yoga room.

I currently assist her during the Mysore Style classes at The New Shala.

As a teacher I hope to guide and inspire others to create a better connection with their body, mind and spirit through asanas and pranayama. 

Besides yoga, I enjoy cooking, being in nature and working on my art." 

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