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Join the special classes and workshops at The New Shala


Technical Class

Back Bendings

with Eloisa

Friday 14-04-2023
18:00hrs - 19:30hrs

Nowadays we spend plenty of time in activities that close the forefront of our body, like computer work or looking at our phones. Backbending asanas are necessary to counteract the effects of those activities and allow the organs to receive more oxygen and the front body to open up.

In this class you will be guided through a sequence of backbendings based on the second and third series of ashtanga.

You will learn different ways to work on back bending poses in a progressive way adjusted to your body skills.

The class will be guided step by step and all poses and flows will be explained in detail and divided into small steps to make them accessible to each practitioner.

It is a great opportunity to learn to build up strength, flexibility and endurance and also to share a wonderful time with other yogis. 



The Art of Primary series and The Art of Intermediate Series, two workshops you cannot miss.

The Art of Primary Series 

Sunday 07.05.2023 11:30hrs - 14:00hrs

The primary series aka Yoga chikitsa, from the Sanskrit Yoga Therapy, is a sequence of poses focused on lengthening the hamstrings, opening the hip joints and cleaning the physical body by creating heat and stimulating its tissues and organs. 

When practiced regularly and proficiently people can gain great benefits from it. 

In this workshop you will learn about benefits provided by each asana, how to perform the sequence in a way that creates heat and a sense of meditation by using the breath, the dristi (gazing point) and the alignment and different techniques to approach the asanas and transitions according to your possibilities. 



The Art of Intermediate Series 

Sunday 28.05.2023 11:30hrs - 14:00hrs

The intermediate series aka Nadi Sodhana, from the Sanskrit Nerve Cleansing, is a sequence of poses focused on the spine, the sacroiliac joint, the shoulder joints and lengthening the front body. This sequence is composed by three core parts, these parts together produce the effect of purification of the nervous system.  

Once the primary series is established and steady, the regular and proficient practice of Intermediate series can bring great benefits to the people who practice it. 

In this workshop you will learn about the three core parts of the intermediate series and the effects that their asanas have in the body, how to integrate this series progressively in the practice once the primary series is established and different techniques to approach the asanas and transitions according to your possibilities.




(the two workshops)



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