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Sunday 16.10.2022
12:00hrs - 14:30hrs
With Eloisa Fernández

This workshop will show you how to practice Surya Namaskar from a different perspective. Touring each step of the sequence with awareness of how to move the body in space and how to breathe with the movement. 
We will explore the principles of prana and apana (creation and dissolution) and how to integrate them with balance in our practice.
We will re-discover that which we have been practicing for so long by experiencing the effects of diving deeper into the core of the ashtanga vinyasa yoga.



Sunday 30.10.2022
12:00hrs - 16:00hrs
With Marcela Scarpellini

Much of what we need to know is within ourselves, the body hides an infinite wisdom,
which we often forget to access. To fill this oblivion we resort to ideas, thoughts, therapies
and books to help us navigate life. I believe it can be simpler if we learn to listen to the
voices and messages of the body and to relate to ourselves and our environment based on
this knowledge.



Sunday 20.10.2022
12:00hrs - 15:00hrs
With Monique Vermeulen

The workshop starts with a short meditation to bring you in a calmer state of mind, which is
the starting position of a thai massage.

Through different techniques, using hands, thumbs, feet and lovely stretches, you learn how
to create relaxation and openness in the massaged body.

We alternate in massage and get massaged, you can come alone or together. Wear
comfortable clothes. Thai massage is giving on a mat on the floor.