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02 & 03.09 12:00h - 14:30h


The New Shala

Backbends Workshop with Monica Arellano

The New Shala is thrilled to have Monica Arellano teaching an insightful weekend workshop about backbends the first weekend of September. This 2-part workshop will lay the foundation for moving into and holding backbends.

Backbends Workshop with Monica Arellano
Backbends Workshop with Monica Arellano

Time & Location

02 & 03.09 12:00h - 14:30h

The New Shala, Markt 28, Maastricht.

About the event

Backbends I Saturday 02.09. 12:00h - 14:30h

Backbends II Sunday 03.09. 12:00h - 14:30h

This 2-part workshop will first lay the foundation for moving into and holding backbends. We will explore movement mechanics, internal form and breathing patterns to create more space for gently deepening into backbends. Rather than forcing movements from the outside we will turn inwards to the multi layered experience of moving the body, breath, and mind into these shapes. Through curiosity and a nurturing environment, we will discover how backbends allow us to experience a new level of awareness and calm.

This workshop is for all levels, variations will be offered so you can practice backbend forms that works for you. We will look at postures such as upward facing dog, ustrasana, kapotasana, urdhva danurasana as well as any requests.

About Monica

Monica Arellano is a student and teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, pranayama and meditation practices. First connecting to yoga in 2010, naturally drawn towards the practice not really understanding why at first. She eventually discovered, and continues to re-discover today, in the movements of asana and supporting philosophies a tangible practice to reflect her lifelong inclination towards spirituality. Monica completed a 2-year Ashtanga Yoga apprenticeship with an emphasis on the mysore style method at Miami Life Center in 2018. After making multiple trips to India she received the formal blessing to teach from R. Sharath Jois. More recently she completed a yearlong philosophy immersion with Ty Landrum, a month-long teacher’s intensive with Richard Freeman and Mary Taylor and an adjustment intensive with David Swenson. Monica is the Programming Director at Omstars, an online yoga channel and community founded by Kino MacGregor.

Being a student of yoga is a never-ending journey that keeps her connected to herself, others and inspiration for teaching. Monica’s classes emphasize the breath, internal form, and self-exploration; in hopes of feeling into experience and giving space for authentic expression according to each student’s unique body and mind. Through sincere practice, she believes we can deconstruct unhealthy patterns, facilitate healing on many levels, and find our way back to the most honest expression of ourselves.

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