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The perfect way to start practicing yoga

This course is perfect for beginners, for those who have no experience with yoga and for those who want to improve their life quality.

You will be introduced to the fundamental principles of the practice of yoga asana (pose) through the method of ashtanga yoga Mysore style.

You will dive into the asanas, breath and alignment under personal guidance, which will make your experience meaningful and rich in insight.

This introduction course covers all what you need to know to start practicing yoga in a safe, enjoyable and accessible way.

Our approach is individual, progressive and sustainable in time. 

The course consists of 3 sessions:

Saturday 15.04.2023 11:00h - 12:30h
Saturday 22.04.2023 11:00h - 12:30h
Saturday 29.04.2023 11:00h - 12:30h
​ ​

Additionally, you can attend two Mysore style classes per week from the start of the course until 06.05.2023
This allows you to put into practice what you are learning immediately.​


The course will be provided by Nancé Camps 

Based on her own experience as an ashtanga practitioner, her YTT 200hrs and her long time training to teach ashtanga yoga with Eloisa Fernández, Nancé can teach this method step by step and make the practice accessible for everyone individually.
Nancé teaches with profound love and dedication, adding a unique spark of fun and sense of humor. 

At the Mysore Style classes Eloisa Fernández will support what you are learning in the course.

Eloisa is the founder and main teacher of the studio and she is highly educated and experienced. 
Having travelled to India to study yoga for more than a decade, Eloisa is the only teacher in Limburg with a “level II” authorization to teach the system of Ashtanga yoga from SYC in Mysore. 

Full course fee: 95EUR (incl. VAT)
EARLY BIRD price: 85.50EUR (incl. VAT) valid until 07.04.2023

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